Monday, March 29, 2010

Dancing Monkey

For my first entry I should go ahead and explain why I chose the name Dancing Monkey for an animal rights blog. I think I wanted to use it not only because it reminds me of someone I love, but to express how even though I am strict with regards to my beliefs, it is important to have a level of flexibility in your life. Some may be offended by using an animal as a pet name for a child, but it happened in such an organic, natural way, that for me, its just plain adorable. And to those people I say, lighten up.

My niece Payton is 16 months old and quite possibly the cutest little girl on the planet. The motif in her nursery was cute little pink monkeys and the theme took off. She has a little stuffed monkey that she carries around, she couldn't love that thing more. So there she is, my cute little monkey. And if you thought it couldn't get any cuter, throw on some Mariah Carey Christmas music, and my little monkey dances. Ridiculous. You'll fall over laughing. It's a joy to watch. So, I dedicate the beginning of this to her. She is important to me not only because she was brought into this world by my sister, but also because she is a constant reminder of what is truly important.

So here we go.

I will use this space to share thoughts, important articles, issues in the movement, issues in my life, tips on green and vegan living, as this is a transitional period for me and I am always on the hunt for ways to make that easier. I will share those tips for anyone else going through this change, cause it sure ain't easy.

It is also a means to document the burden that is the blessing in my life. The knowledge that innocent animals are suffering everyday so people can eat them. It's plain wrong. One day everything just clicked for me, and I was done eating meat forever. It's a life changing experience, one that I have grown to have immense passion for. This calling has saved me. It is everything to me. I am now a human billboard for my cause.

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