Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Dear Friends,

I have never been one to do anything half way. Whether its a job, a relationship, a friendship. I am all or nothing. However, with regards to my activism, I have learned that things may not be as black and white as I once thought.

When you take the first steps on a journey to enlightenment, what you find along the way may be so amazing, that all you want to do is share your insight with the world. My naivety, however, got the best of me. I convinced myself that all I had to do was share information with friends, family, strangers, whoever, and they would join me on my new found mission. Real life, it turns out, doesn't work like that. After months of my passion getting the best of me, I now realize there are strategies and tactics that are more effective than others.

Thanks to my friends (who are as wise as they come) and seasoned movement members I met at this years Taking Action For Animals conference in DC, I learned invaluable lessons about effective activism. I plan on employing these new strategies as staples to my activist efforts. Although I hold my beliefs to a very high standard, I by no means would ever way to condemn someone else for their choices. All I can do is invite others to entertain new ideas and introduce them to some alternatives that will benefit their health and the planet.

So, I hope this post can serve as an apology to anyone with whom I got a little "preachy." I am truly sorry. This journey is one of trial and error. I understand now that a gentler approach, one in which all I can do is plant seeds and hope to see them grow, is the best direction to take. I am open to all questions and will offer help to anyone who has the inclination to widen their circle of compassion.

For the Animals,


  1. very well said jaim. my kudos to you :-)

  2. if you want to go philosophical, you may find Richard Rorty's Irony, Contingency, Solidarity interesting, where he suggests that the only compelling way to convince is to make a point of view look very attractive...