Thursday, September 9, 2010


The choices I make tend to alienate me at times. I rarely ever agree with the status quo, and usually get probed, questioned and provoked about these choices. I have been doing my best, and have gotten increasingly better, at clocking out, putting my beliefs on hold for the evening, and enjoying myself. It's not always easy.

There is an internal struggle between wanting to stand up for my beliefs, but trying desperately to have a carefree night. I accept that this will be an issue I will confront as long as my choices are considered different or unusual. My work as an activist centers around the hope that soon my avoidance of meat wont seem so shocking or extreme.

Pretending that the gentleman next to me eating a hamburger isn't grossing me out, or the bartender leaving nothing to the imagination isn't frustrating my feminist perspective are always going to come with the the territory of my over educated disposition These are both difficult tasks, that I suspect in time will get easier, well here's hoping anyway.

The previous list of, lets call them, "quirks" I presume are quite frustrating to my friends and family. However, I have stumbled upon a few ladies in the last couple of months that have been so unbelievably supportive, that I must take the time to recognize how amazing support really feels.

I believe so deeply in my cause and to have my friends take a genuine interest is so rewarding. To be able to come together, 4 different personalities, with such ease and comfort is truly amazing, and has made my summer so memorable. I don't know what my future holds. My plans to go to DC and fight for my causes hasn't changed, but what I will inevitably leave behind has. Thank you, divas, for your open minds and unwavering support.

You have also opened my mind to a few things I have yet to try-wink!

With gratitude,

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